Bike Storage, Solved

Posted by Wayland Austin on

 Where's your bike kept when at home or work? Outside, in the wind and rain, or quickly folded and neatly stashed out of the way?

For many, there's simply not enough space to keep a bike indoors, where you are competing for space with everyone else. While leaving it outside will lead to rust and ruin, or worse, see it stolen by the morning. 

But what if there was a simple solution to all your storage problems, without compromising the quality of your ride? Well there is - the fold.

Simply and neatly tucked away when you're not riding, safe and secure, but ready to roll at a moment's notice. 

ATTO Folded

A quick fold makes storage simple, while the lightweight ATTO frame and components means carrying it is no hassle. The ATTO finds its place with ease in any home.

Change the way you store your bike. An ATTO may just change your life. Choose your ATTO here.