AC Atto

Quick & Simple

The AC ATTO can be folded in less than 8 seconds. Weighing from just 7.49kg, the AC ATTO is a beautifully simple and elegant addition to your urban commute or journey. The whole design ethos of the AC ATTO is to keep the bike as simple and robust as possible. By using the highest quality components from the best manufacturers like Shimano, Gates Carbon Drive and Schwalbe, this prolongs life, minimises maintenance, reduces wear and allows you to spend more time on your bike.

When you bike does need servicing, it can all be done by your local bike shop.

Light & Strong

Weighing from just 7.49kg the AC ATTO is the lightest performance folding bike in the world. Tested around stages of the Tour de France, by Team GB at the Rio Olympics, multiple Nocturne races across Europe and over thousands of kilometres, the AC ATTO has also been taken on trains, planes, boats and taxis all over the world.  The AC ATTO has proven its resilience and strength. It's a unique bike - one that cannot be compared to anything else.

Using the finest Toray carbon fibre, the AC ATTO is designed to be strong and tough enough to cope with life on the city streets. Whether your daily routine includes a commute using trains, a walk up a flights of stairs, a ride across town or even a trip to the supermarket, the AC ATTO is designed to fit seamlessly into your daily life. 

Clean & Quiet

Designed around a completely oil-free carbon fibre belt drive, the AC ATTO is clean and whisper quiet.

The AC ATTO is the perfect companion to your urban lifestyle. No more oily or rusty chains, the high-performance carbon belt drive is completely clean, delivers smooth and efficient power transfer from every pedal stroke, is extremely strong and will last for over 60,000kms.

With hydraulic disc brakes, there is no brake dust or dirty wheel rims to make your fingers or trousers dirty. The simple design avoids unnecessary dirt traps and helps keep the AC ATTO and you clean.

Fast & Smooth

The AC ATTO has been designed to be fast from the outset. With a stiff carbon frame, power from the pedals is transferred smoothly to the rear wheel with minimum power loss.

The AC ATTO is available in two versions: a single speed version and an 11 speed bike that utilises the amazing Shimano Alfine hub gear.

Easily climb steep hills and speed along on the flat with the single speed ratio chosen for easy cruising or the Alfine 11 speed hub which boasts a 409% gear range with even 14% steps between gears. A proven choice for the 4,000km 2018 Transcontinental Race.

The Alfine hub is oil-lubricated and is virtually maintenance free, giving thousands of miles of trouble free riding. When the time comes, both versions of the AC ATTO can be serviced at your local bike shop.