Advice and Answers

Where is the ATTO built?

All the ATTOs are built and dispatched from our facility in London. We operate on a strict policy of building the bikes in order.  We only use the highest quality components from manufacturers like Shimano, Schwalbe and Gates.

How much does the ATTO weigh?

It depends upon which ATTO you have; the single speed 8.3kg and the 11 speed weighs 9.8kg. The special edition Monaco weighs in at a ridiculous 7.3kg.

Why did you choose to use a carbon belt drive?

The carbon belt drive delivers a completely oil-free drivetrain. It just makes perfect sense for a folding bike; why build a bike that’s dirty when you can build a bike that’s completely clean. In addition, the belt is smooth, silent, doesn’t stretch and lasts for at least 60,000 miles (100,000kms).  In fact, we believe in the carbon belt drive so much, that if it breaks or wears out, we will replace it completely free of charge.

What are the dimensions of the ATTO when folded?

The folded dimensions are (cm):

  • Height 59
  • Length 82
  • Depth 36
  • Is there a maximum rider weight limit for the ATTO?

    Maximum rider weight is 120kg

    What are the maximum and minimum heights of the rider?

    In standard configuration, the ATTO is designed to fit people from 148cm (4’ 8”) to 190cm (6’ 3”). We can build the ATTO for riders taller than 190cm, as we also make special, extra long, reinforced seat posts. Just let us know at time of ordering and we can arrange it.

    How much adjustability is there in the riding position of the ATTO?

    The beauty of the ATTO frame design is that one size fits all and adjustability is built in. The seatpost can be adjusted by 45cm and the handlebars can be adjusted up and down a total of 18cm.

    What is the gearing on the single speed ATTO?

    The single speed ATTO is set at 66 gear inches; this equates to 18mph (28kph) at 90rpm.

    Do you ship the ATTO internationally?

    Yes, we ship the ATTO all over the world. We use a fully trackable air courier (usually FedEx). We ship your ATTO in our custom-made box; this has been specially designed to protect your ATTO during shipping.

    How do you ship the ATTO within the UK?

    We ship your ATTO in our custom-made box; this has been specially designed to protect your ATTO during shipping. We use an express courier service.  If the deliver is within the M25 then we hand deliver your ATTO. For deliveries further afield, we send your ATTO using Parcelforce, using their 48hour service.

    What guarantee does the ATTO come with?

    Our framesets are guaranteed for 2 years.

    How do we contact Austin Cycles?

    You can email us at: or call us on +44 (0)020 8720 7027.

    Can I buy the ATTO through a cycle to work scheme?

    Yes, we use the Green Commute Initiative. This only works in the UK and allows you to save up to 47% of the cost of the bike and accessories.

    What is the gearing on the 11 speed version?

    We use the amazing Shimano Alfine hub. The overall range of the 11 speed Alfine hub is 409%, with even 14% steps between the gears. We use a 60t front sprocket and a 22t rear sprocket. This gives a gear inch range of 26.8-109.7 inches and equates to 30mph (47kph) in 11th gear at 90rpm.