Buy your ATTO through the Cycle To Work Scheme

Austin Cycles has partnered with two separate providers on the UK government's Cycle To Work Scheme. These are Green Commute Initiative and 

There is no longer a £1,000 limit on purchases, no end-of-scheme charge, and you can save up to 47% on your purchase. If you're in the UK, it's a great way to save money on your purchase, allowing you to take the bike instead. 

More and more employers are offering cycle to work schemes as an attractive, affordable financing model to their employees. We’ve partnered with the Green Commute Initiative, a leading UK-based provider. There’s no limit to the price of the bike, and you can save the full tax rate on the whole price of the bike. And unlike other schemes, there is no 7% end-of-scheme charge if you want to buy the bike for yourself.


The advantages for you:

• Save up to 47% through tax breaks

No £1,000 limit – buy any AC ATTO, including accessories

• Pay with your gross salary in manageable instalments

• No end-of-scheme fees

Ride however you want – not only commuting


How does it work?
Your employer provides your AC ATTO through the GCI scheme. You can pay from your salary over any period you and your employer agree. Common terms are 12, 18, and 24 months. This reduces the amount of tax you have to pay so you can make significant savings on your bike. Find out how much you can save using the GCI online calculator.


Which AC bikes can I buy through GCI?
You can pick any of our bikes – unlike other schemes, there is no £1,000 limit. Shipping costs and accessories can also be included.


Which accessories can I include?
You can add any of our bespoke AC accessories and safety equipment including our bespoke travel bag, mudguards, cycle bell andlights. The accessories must complement the bike purchase: HMRC suggest a common-sense approach.


What happens after the initial hire period?
If your repayment period is longer than 12 months, then after a year, GCI will get in touch to offer an interest-free loan of the bike for 5 years. This is required due to HMRC regulations. At the end of that time, GCI can transfer the ownership title to you for a £1 fee. In essence, the bike is yours from day one. 

How does it work?

1. Ask your employer
First, ask your HR department if they offer a cycle to work scheme with the Green Commute Initiative. If they are not yet aware of GCI, you can provide them informational material direct from the GCI website. Your employer doesn’t have to sign up – you can also apply individually using Instant GCI. If you are unsure, or have any questions, call GCI on 020 3740 1836.

2. Choose & order
If your employer is happy to offer the scheme, go ahead and explore our website for your dream ATTO bike and accessories. 

Next, fill in the online Instant Quote form. Remember to include all your accessories and shipping at this point.

The form is automatically submitted to GCI, which generates an email to you (check your Junk folder) which should be forwarded to your employer for payment. It's that simple.

3. Confirmation
Once payment from the employer has been received by GCI, they will send you a confirmation email, which will contain your order number and and 8-digit PIN code again, check your Junk folder.

4. Send us your order number and PIN
The order number and PIN code needs to be forwarded to us (Austin Cycles) by email and your order will be confirmed. This lets us record the order through the scheme.

5. Confirmation of order
Once the GCI order number and 8-digit PIN has been received, we will upload the order to the system and you will receive confirmation from us that everything is in progress. You’ll also receive a confirmation with any updated provisional shipping dates.