What is a Carbon Belt Drive, and why do we use one?

Posted by Tom Copeland on

The ATTO is designed to fit seamlessly into your everyday life, and to do that we've thought about all the small details.

One of the most important aspects to us when designing our bikes was making them as clean and quiet as possible. Why make a dirty bike when you can make a clean one?

Multiple considerations came into play when we were designing our bikes but the drive chain is the dirtiest and fastest wearing part of most bikes. And that’s why we chose to use a carbon belt drive, rather than an oily, dirty and rusty chain.

Having tried and tested a number of options we found the perfect pairing in a Gates Carbon Belt Drive, proven in the world of motorsport over the past 30 years, to transfer power from rider to bike in the cleanest and most efficient way.


The belt itself is made from a series of nylon teeth which are reinforced using multiple carbon fibre cords, resulting in superior strength and durability over a chain. The belts never stretch, break or need adjustment. They also need no oil, so there’s nowhere for dirt to stick to or collect, meaning you and your ATTO stay clean.

Not only is the drive clean and quiet as you ride, it will last for 60,000 miles and needs little to no maintenance. 

The best way to find out more is to try one for yourself - get in touch to find out how you can test ride an ATTO.

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