Cycling Towards Better Mental Health

Posted by Tom Copeland on

We’ve spoken over the past weeks about how the bicycle can provide a solution for active travel and reduce our reliance on cars and public transport. 

However, cycling, and exercise as a whole, delivers huge benefits in fighting another prevalent issue that has been in the spotlight this year - mental health. 

The conversation around mental health is fast becoming commonplace - and rightly so. The press and governments tell us what cyclists have known all along: exercise is an excellent form of self-help.

Cycling, as a form of exercise, has a multitude of benefits for your wellbeing. It's widely reported to reduce stress and improve mood through the release of endorphins - 75% of cyclists noticed an improvement in their mental health since getting in the saddle. Cycling also provides a natural way to help with anxiety. Exercise helps the body's sleep patterns, and benefits self-confidence too. The benefits are clear, so what’s stopping you?

Finding time to exercise is not always easy. However, by incorporating a bike into your daily life, whether as part of your commute or as a way to get around your local area, you can stay active without needing to make the extra effort. What’s even better is that riding a bike is fun.

It might just change your life.