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A glowing review of the ATTO from The Guardian’s Martin Love has stirred the interest of many cyclists around the world. With a unique combination of high-quality components and outstanding real-world performance, the ATTO catches the eye for all the right reasons.  

Adept at navigating the morning commute or lunchtime dash across the city, this is a machine built for those who demand the best.  A full carbon frame and hydraulic disc brakes means this is a performance bike which folds.


Built without compromise, the ATTO is the complete opposite of most folding bikes. It is completely oil-free, requires very little maintenance and is designed to deal with the demands of riding in the city and beyond. 

As Martin Love summaries himself - “This isn’t a bike you have to treat with kid gloves. It can cope with the bumps and knocks of city life. It has an oil-free carbon belt drive, which makes it whisper-quiet. The belt is extremely strong and won’t need to be changed for at least 60,000km.”

Read the full article at The Guardian.

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